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Years ago, I put together a slideshow of gospel art work and music for a Christmas Relief Society Activity. The theme was “Draw Near” and the slide show was our closing activity after a nice dinner. A year later, I found it worked great as a silent Christmas lesson in YW.

I have exhausted every option available to find a way to successfully share these videos and been met with limited success each time. Each slideshow is nearly a half hour in length and the files are simply too large for every previous option of downloading technology to work with even 50% success. Last year I tried generating DVDs and found that was WAY more than I bargained for in time and resources and as a result had decided I was done trying to share this particular work. But as this time of year rolls around and the requests start coming in, I’ve been willing to give it one more try. Google drive now offers the sharing option for files this large so I’m going to put it out there with no guarantees it will work but it’s at least a new option.

The movie files can be found at these links:

Come Unto Me

Draw Near

For any interested, I have three paper copies of silent Christmas lessons I’ve collected. I apologize for not knowing their source. They are:

SilentXmasSilentXmas_2 , and Christmas silent lesson – GBHinckley

The “Draw Near” show on this page has been edited with new music that is free to share under the Intellectual Reserve copyright of the Church, Sally Deford’s generous site and copyright and one free download from a LDS music site (Power in His Touch).

The newer show, “Come Unto Him” uses new and old artwork under the same Intellectual Reserve copyright making it legal to share for personal and church use, it also contains only scripture references, one page of quotes from Elder Holland and the music from the seminary section of the Church music site.

Good luck!


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  1. I wanted to download it but i must be too far from my internet connection. Will need to check it out later. :) Hope all is well with you!

    It’s worth the download but it’s HUGE, so it’s gonna take a good, strong connection I think. So fun to *see* you more active again and to hear good things for you!

  2. I really wanted to do your Draw Near lesson for my lesson this Sunday the 20th, however we cannot seem to get it to download. My husband spent hours on it and couldn’t get it to work. We then had a computer savy friend come over to try, no luck again. Our friend then tried from his home computer. And today from his work computer. We are having no luck. Please Please could you help me? I really want to do this lesson it sounds wonderful


    Hi Teddi,
    You can try this link: where the movie versions are also stored. What problems are you having with the downloads? Are you right clicking and saving the file? Is it a connection issue? A repeated error? I can’t duplicate any problems so I’m powerless to troubleshoot. Any additional error or problem info would be helpful. :)

  3. Hi Holly, great site! I downloaded the Draw Near Unto Me .mov video file and noticed the music stops at about 2:40. Is this the way it’s supposed to be or should I tell me cousin to add some music after that part during her lesson?

    No, the music should continue throughout the lesson. If it’s stopping I would add some of my own to it. :) However, make sure you’re downloading the file before viewing. Lots of weirdness, pauses, etc. happens when viewing while downloading. 😉

  4. I’ve tried downloading the Draw Near Unto Me slideshow several different times and on different computers, but the music isn’t working. I want to do this for our Relief Society Christmas program this year…it is a beautiful slideshow and I think the sisters would really enjoy it. However, I’m no very computer savvy. Is it possible to get the list of songs you used and at what point in the slideshow they start? Is there ever a time in the show where it is total silence and no music at all or is music constantly playing? Thanks for all your help! I love your blog!

    Hi Jolene,
    I wish these files weren’t so problematic. :( I think they’re just too big and technology changes really keep them messed up. I’ll have to explore if there any ways to help improve it. This page may work too: There’s a music list to the original/first slide show in that link in the bottom paragraph. All the songs on the new slide shows were pulled from the church website – the institute and CES music most. There is no time of complete silence. You could play any soft instrumental music in the background.

  5. I was able to get this to work perfectly when I played in QuickTime player. The music worked for the whole thing! For our ward’d Relief Society Christmas dinner and program, I used the new “Come Unto Him” presentation that you made. The spirit was so strong. You did an awesome job making it. Thanks so much for sharing so others could use it. People have been asking me where I got it from, because they want to have it. I used it for a FHE with my family, because I loved it. Can you tell me the music that you used for it? I cannot figure out one of the songs. Thanks again.

    Hi Katie. I’m so happy to hear it! :) I’ve been working on making copies on DVDs so have just been watching it again too – it does really invite the spirit! Here’s a list of the songs used in it:

  6. Holly, I did as your instructions said to download the movie file but all it saved is the picture of the cover. I could say that I am pretty tech-savvy and I can’t download this. I have even used the squiddo and it did the same thing. Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help you give me. I finally did download the whole file, it took awhile but it just saved the individual pictures and music seperately. Hmmmmmm…HELP!

    I wish I could. The download problems are so out of my hands. :( If you want to send a self addressed, stamped DVD envelope, I can send you a DVD. :)

    Holly Schwendiman
    485 N 2nd E
    Ste 105-241
    Rexburg, ID 83440

  7. I figured out why I couldn’t download. I don’t have a strong enough signal from home to download the movie files. I was able to do it at work no problem. Thank you…beautiful video!


  8. You have done a beautiful job with these videos! I had the video come through but the audio is confused. I’m sure it’s my system. I wanted to just add the music back in, but I’m struggling finding the songs you used in the Draw Near Unto Me presentation. I would love to have a list of the songs like you added above for the Come Unto Me presentation.

    Thank you for sharing your talents!

    Thanks! Here’s the list for that one:

    04 Power In His Touch.wma
    05 Power In His Touch Instrumental.wma

  9. I would love to show this at a relief society meeting. Are you still offering to make a cd if we send you a self addressed stamped dvd envelope? I would need it by december 1st

  10. Hi I am trying to download the PDF and the link is not working. Do you have another way to share it, that I could access. Jessica

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