Music leader was one of my favorite callings. One thing I learned quickly was how much more responsive the children were to simple incentives and variety. Each week I’d use different types of motivators like meters or measurement devices to show how well they were singing. In addition, I’d also have a fun activity associated with them choosing the songs we’d sing. These concepts were very simple generated from clip art images I found. I remember using paper medals during the Olympics one year to encourage better singing, and one of the favorite choosing games was when I’d tape paper leaves, rain drops or snowflakes on pieces of yarn under my umbrella. When I’d open the umbrella the items would fall out and the kids loved it. Details on these and other ideas are found in the files below:


  • Overview (6 page document with images and tips for all things Primary Music)
  • Planning (Sample planning pages for singing time)
  • Awards (Two pages of printable awards)
  • Music Madness (Ideas for making selecting songs fun)



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