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I’ve learned that women love few things more in life than seeing what other women are doing or have done! For many years now I’ve been uploading files of ideas and creations that have helped me in various callings. I hope something brings you some inspiration.

January, 2016: PLEASE NOTE, as this blog has now moved through multiple servers over the course of the past 10 years, many of the links to files are not currently working. It is a work in progress to get them all updated. Thank you for your patience!



43 comments on “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Resources

  1. Hi Holly, I just wanted to see if you are still willing to send CD’s of the Silent Christmas Lessons….I would love to get a copy of both of them!

  2. Hi Holly, like Christie, I too would love to get a copy of both. Are you still in Rexburg? My daughters are there and they are coming home for Thanksgiving. Do you think they might be able to pick it up from you? Then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the right postage for you. Please let me know what you think about this.
    Thanks! Jennifer

  3. Holly, I would love to get a copy of both. Do you have an estimated postage amount for the return package? I will gladly send an envelope but have no idea about how much postage to attach.

    • Hi Jessica,

      It depends on what size/type of envelopes you use. There is no standard. Several have had the post office weigh the return package and paid for the postage that way.

  4. Dear Holly,
    I too, would love a copy of both lessons. However, I am in CANADA!! Can we work something out?
    My email is
    Thank you for yout willingness to share!

    • I’ve sent DVDs successfully to New Zealand. :) As it’s being sent from the US, if you don’t have access to any US postage you could send some money in your envelope.

  5. Have you thought about using Dropbox for sharing the files?

    • The files are too large. 22 and 33 minutes of video, music and animation are just too much. DVDs are the only successful way right now.

  6. Hi holly, I snt you an envelope last week, did you receive it?
    Christie curtis
    Gilbert Arizona

    • I’ve received and sent many, sorry there’ve been too many to keep track of. Everything I’ve received has been sent the same or next day after I get it.

  7. Hi, I would like to have you send me a DVD. Should I send you a padded envelope to return it to me with postage on? Please let me know. Thank you

  8. Hi Holly,
    I just found your web site and was interested in the silent christmas dvd. I teach the 2nd of Dec. and was wondering if it might be possible to get it by then if I get you an envelope asap.

  9. Could I just paypal you some money to send me the dvd’s?

    • Sorry, no. The whole point doing it this way is for me not to have to facilitate post office runs and manage mailing details.

  10. Hi Holly! I just came across your blog last night. I would love to use your sideshow for relief society this Sunday. I just sent a pre addressed package to you. I sent it priority hoping that will allow enough turn around time.
    Thank you so much!

    • I meant prepaid and self-addressed :)

      • Hi Kate, it should work if you paid priority. I’ve been keeping the DVDs in my car so when I pick up the mail I drop the DVDs right into the envelopes and send them out the same day. :)

      • Hi Holly, I haven’t received the dvds yet. Do you happen to remember if you got my envelope? (I know you probably receive a bunch) Mine was a little dvd box packaged with priority stamps… Just hoping it shows tomorrow. If not, I need to plan something else for my lesson this Sunday! :)
        Thanks for your help!

      • Holly,
        My package didn’t make it back to me in time unfortunately. I thought priority mail from ID to UT would be fine but apperantly not :(
        Is there any way to send the PowerPoint without the music online somehow? I know im probably asking a lot, I’m just a little desparate at this point.
        Let me know if that’s a possibility.
        Thank you!

  11. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful lesson available to all of us. You are the best.

  12. I’ve been searching for a pre-done slide show for a Dec. 16th Christmas lesson. I’m also trying to incorporate a special musical number from a former Laurel that will be home for Christmas and she is a voice major. Wondering if you could tell me a little more what you included in the slide shows so I can see if it will work with what we were planning. Do you have a basic outline posted on your website already? I need to make some decisions quick about who and what to include on the program so that would really help me. It sounds wonderful! Thanks, Carrie

    • Hi Carrie,

      All of the music on the Come Unto Him is from the CES music available on Draw Near has Power in His Touch and one Sally Deford Lullaby.

  13. Hi Holly, I’m giving the first lesson of the month on Sunday and would love to have a copy of both dvd’s. Here is what I was thinking…my niece goes to school at BYU Idaho and I could have her meet you tomorrow to get the dvd’s. She’ll handle the shipping. Would you be able to call me in the morning (I’m in California) and let me know if this plan is alright with you? Here is my number: (949) 439-5048.

    Thanks sooo much!

    Von (Irvine, CA)

  14. Hi Holly, I was wondering about the possiblity of sending a file to Drop Box? I am giving a Christmas lesson on Sunday and would love to have your slide show.

  15. I must have done something wrong on the address or something because I still haven’t seen it yet :) oh well! Maybe I’ll use it next year if it ever makes it here. Haha

  16. I am amazed and humbled by your generosity to share your talents with all of us! Thank you for offering these slideshows to us.

  17. Hi Holly,
    Do you think if I overnighted an envelope we could get these DVDs before Saturday? We are in Sandy Utah. I just found these and would love them for our Christmas lesson.

  18. Holly Are you able to share the videos of the Silent Christmas? I would love to view them. Is it still possible and how could it be accomplished?

  19. Hi Holly,
    I would love a DVD of your silent Christmas lesson! Let me know what I can send you and where and I will do it! (205)790-3183.

  20. Hi Holly, Love your Baptism Booklet. Are you still out there? Would is be possible to get a copy of your file? Thanks so very much! Karen Nielsen

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