Be Still My Heart

Well, little one what a journey we are having! I’m certain that 5 years ago at this time you were just as excited as you were this morning for a new adventure. Only at that time, you were the only one that knew you were coming soon. I’ve often wondered what the months were like before the joyous news came that you were going to join our family. I wonder if you had celebration hugs, well wishes and loving send offs from dear family and friends on the other side of the veil as you prepared to start your journey here? I can’t help but picture it not much different from the scenes this morning: A loving father helping you on your way, the warm, welcoming arms of teachers and friends, your mom holding in a multitude of emotions.

Today, you are 4 years old and going to preschool! Be still my heart.

First Day!
First Day!


I know you’re going to have a wonderful time and learn so much. I can’t believe you’re already big enough to be doing this, but I’m so proud of you!



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