4 Years and Growing!

I had an interesting, and unexpected morning. It didn’t start off all that great, in fact it was a bit “wet” – literally. Potty training is not for the weary or laundry fearing. After we got things back to a functional condition, Jaimee wanted to watch a movie so we headed for the family room. I brought along my iPad in hopes of getting something done while she watched her show, and here is where the unexpected but wonderful diversion came. I opened my Facebook feed to see a memory of four years ago pop up. Four years ago today, I shared the announcement post with my ultra sound picture of our little Jaimee:


As I re-read my blog post from that day, and reviewed those 130 comments of equally surprised and excited supporters, I was struck again with the miracle that is our little Jaimee.

November is full of miracles for our family. It is National Adoption Awareness Month, and reflecting on my first two miracles that arrived through adoption is always humbling. My journey to motherhood has been most unique and unexpected. I suppose it fitting that this would also be the month I would learn of my first, last, and only pregnancy. It is a month of thanksgiving for me. I am so blessed.

So, as Jaimee sat by me looking at pictures this morning, I enjoyed a new chapter of motherhood as I explained the photo of her growing in my tummy. Four years later, I’m still in awe at this little bundle of joy!



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