Never-ending Change

Change is the only constant in the universe, or at least that’s what I think. I certainly say it often enough. đŸ˜‰ I’m sitting here reflecting on how much has changed just in the past few years, let alone since I began blogging over 10 years ago! I’ve decided I need to write more again. So I hope to review what got me started so long ago and resurrect the habit of more consistent posts.

I sat down to share some fun photos of changes. But after spending most of the past hour sifting through old photos, I’ve realized this is just too big a job to do like this. Six years has brought many projects and changes, and each one will just have to wait for it’s own post. So I’ll simplify, and for today I’ll just share the most recent joys of project completion in my food storage room.

The food storage room has been a multi-stage process and it’s one of the projects that makes me SO happy to see come together! I wish I’d taken some true “before” photos. But I forgot. The reader’s digest, condensed version is 1) Clean and sort 35 plus years of storage, 2) Replace door with one big enough to move new Freezer inside, 3) Get new circuit installed for freezer, 4) Remove old shelving and install old laundry room cabinets, 5) Finish inside wall and paint, 6) Move freezer to new home under the stairs and complete room reconfiguration, 7) Install door trim and drop ceiling. Number 7 isn’t finished yet, but the rest I can now say is! Pictures say it best:

IMG_3471 IMG_0351

This view is of the same angle, looking at the far right corner of the room from the door. The next photos are of the left wall which involved the removal of old shelving:

IMG_3473 IMG_0353

What a process, but what a transformation! This room is now a place we want to walk into and can now start figuring what shelving and storage options work best for us.

I do have to add a few thoughts about food storage through this process. First, only store what you can and will use. Bigger storage options are not always better, especially if you’re not going to use it. In my experience and opinion, food storage should be something in constant use and rotation. This idea of storing hordes of “survival foods” that will keep for 20 or 30 years doesn’t make any sense if you don’t already use those items on a regular basis. Learning how to use what you store is at least as important and learning how to store foods. And finally, a clean space is a happy space!


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  1. Always wonderful to read your posts. Hope you’re all well and happy. Merry Christmas!
    With love to all, Darlene

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