The Short List

Or should I say, short end of the stick?


I landed in the hospital Wednesday night thanks to a fluid leak. :/ I was hoping for an overnight monitoring, but the short list says otherwise. Here’s how it was just explained to me:

We like the baby’s tests but mom has too many factors for us to feel good about sending you home:

1) protein levels indicate early preeclampsia

2) blood pressure fluctuates too much

3) unexplained fluid leak, haven’t ruled out a possible rupture of amniotic sac

4) gestational diabetes

5) never been pregnant before

and my personal favorite:

6) “Oh, and I almost forgot, you’re over 42!”

Yeah, thanks for the reminder. 😉

So, looks like I’ll be making a weekend out if it for sure and then “we’ll see”. On the upside, baby is doing great and it sounds like they won’t go past 37 weeks anyway. That’s only a week and a half away.

So Blake gets to celebrate his birthday today at the hospital with me. Happy birthday hon!

I have to say I’m grateful to have such good doctors watching me so close. I know I’m in good hands, where I need to be and all will be well. Just gotta hang in there for a few more days! Sure can’t wait to hold this little bundle, who just may be a little Jaimee! We finally found at least one name we all like. :)

So Little One,

Everyone is so excited about you and can’t wait for you to arrive! Even the nurses are fighting about who hopes to be here when you make your entrance! You are so loved.

Keep being strong and helping mom be strong. Doctors said today they probably won’t let this go past 37 weeks, if we can get that far. So another week and a half!! We can do this! Stay safe, stay healthy and know you’ve already impacted more lives in positive ways than you’ll ever know. I love you so much.



4 comments on “The Short List

  1. you are wonderful, holly. a wonderful writer, a wonderful mother, a wonderful wife, a wonderful… playful silly girl. :) and that picture is so powerful and lovely!

  2. Hello Holly! I have been stalking you for a few months. One of my kids googled the name Cidnie and didn’t find me but found your Cidnie. So that is the way I got to you. Congratulations to you and Blake on this exciting event that is just days away. Hope to keep track of you!! Loves. Cidnie and Michael Elmer

    • Oh Cidnie!!! You can’t know how delighted I am to hear from you. :) how are you guys? Hard to believe it’s been 16.5 years since we got our first little miracle with such a great name! I’m tickled that’s how you found me!

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