32 is Groovy

Yes, age 32 was a groovy year, but this time I’m referring to being 32 weeks pregnant.

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This morning’s appointment was great. They took new measurements of the baby and all is well. She’s very active! She weighs about 3 lb 15 oz, which is right on the money for my guess as I told Blake I felt she was probably pushing 4 lbs! It’s getting close enough to almost taste it and boy are we excited! I can almost visualize what she looks like.

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The technician was super sweet and explained lots of things to me, like how they measure the artery pressure in the umbilical cord to check the placenta’s function and to watch for danger signs. Today’s readings were right where they want them so I’m happy about that. The only numbers that aren’t playing are the blood sugars, but I’ll start a pill tomorrow to help with that. All in all, things are going really well! I was a little surprised to learn that I could be at a point of two visits a week from this point on, but it all depends on how things look on Monday. They are serious about tracking things at this stage of the game and I’m grateful for that kind of support, especially with this being my first and me being 42! Everyone is so nice and so excited for us. We continue to circulate as that “cute, miracle couple who’s pregnant for the first time in 22 years!” Words can’t express how much love, support and excitement we continue to feel from everyone around us. We are so blessed.

In other groovy news and milestones, we bought a car this week for Cidnie. Can’t believe she’s already at this milestone! As I watched her drive out of the driveway this morning to go to school my heart skipped a beat. I told Blake my old ticker needs some more breathing room between all these┬ásignificant “firsts”! Cidnie is thrilled and the timing is perfect. She may have a job lined up soon and will need her own transportation and after baby comes it will be a wonderful help to have another person to help at that level. I just still can’t believe she’s 17 this year. Where did the time go?

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Taylor had a great time with the Pope Annual Easter Egg hunt this month too. He’s been good with his little cousins and can’t wait to have his “own” little sister to dote on and love. He told me yesterday how he just can’t wait for her to arrive – to know he can hold her and she’s ours, that he doesn’t have to just hand a baby back. I’m so excited to see this myself.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.17.59 AM

So, Little One, as you can clearly see your arrival is a much anticipated event! I wish you could see how loved you already are. I wish I could share the abundance of excitement you have generated. And I can’t wait to watch it all unfold when you make your entrance!




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