Heads Up!

Yesterday, bugaboo decided it was time to go heads up! For the first time, she changed position. We finally have a profile! Granted, she was still pretty diligent about moving her hands and arms up over her face, but the tech did manage to capture a few shots in-between.

 Baby 30

Yay! She continues to do well. They’ll do new measurements at 32 weeks and it sounds like every week from that point on. Aside from everyone asking me how soon she’s coming – obviously because I’m starting to look like it could be any day instead of 10 weeks from now!

30 weeks


Yesterday she was in a full breech position, so instead of using my bladder as a pillow, I guess she decided a trampoline would be a fun twist! Blake says maybe she doesn’t doesn’t like the pressure of the new maternity belt, or maybe it was the bouncy ride on the lawnmower this week….whatever the reason we’re tickled to finally have a new position and a profile shot! Can’t wait for her to arrive.


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