Yes, that’s me in a word. I’m ready for it to be spring. I’m ready to have more information today than I had yesterday and I’m ready to meet this new little one!

I was hoping to have another picture to share of our little wonder, but alas, the last appointment was just a heart ultrasound. While it is wonderful to hear that little organ pumping away, I was so hopeful to see a picture too! I got spoiled in the first trimester with multiple ultra sounds. We will learn the sex of the baby at our next appointment on Feb 6th. The fact that so many people are asking if we know yet isn’t helping my impatience! I just join them with my lament that this seems to be taking forever.

My memory is not what it used to be. I downloaded an app to help me track this pregnancy as I found I quickly lost track of exactly what week I was in. Now I can see daily exactly how far along I am, where the baby is in development and even get some helpful info and tips for the current stage. Today I am 16 Weeks and 6 days, that’s 117 days. The information available says baby is almost 5 inches long and weighs nearly 4 ounces (and that weight is supposed to double in the next two weeks!). Oh the things I’m learning.

Dearest Little One,

I’ve been bad about keeping up my thoughts and journal. The thoughts run amuck, but getting them committed to print is a different matter. I know I’ll want to look back and remember all the things I’m forgetting.

First, I have to say thanks for letting me feel your presence! The first day of the new year, you gave me a notable wiggle (well, for you it was probably a gymnastic routine) and that was truly awesome. The doctor also told me the next day that within two weeks your hearing would be completely developed and you might even get startled at loud or unexpected sounds. Well, Saturday on the way to an activity with Cidnie, you let me know you heard the bass of the music she cranked up! It is so fun to feel you.

I find that the time between doctor appointments is growing more difficult. It is such a comfort to see you and hear your heartbeat. The weeks in between drag on. I don’t think a mother’s heart ever stops worrying if everything is okay. I’m trying to imagine the jump in growth I will see at the next ultra sound as ¬†two months will have passed between images. I was floored at your growth in only two weeks so can barely imagine two months!

I am confident that I will never stop marveling at the miracle and wonder you are. I wish I could share the physical growth and sensation with your dad and siblings. They are so involved and so excited for you to make your arrival!


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