Peace On Earth

Nothing speaks peace quite as well as a beautiful Christmas day with white blanketing everything:

Frosty3 Frosty2 Frosty1

I’m still adjusting to winters back in the snow. I may never adjust. But I must admit, the fog that rolled in this past week sure made for some pretty trees and winter scenes. Blake continues to wear his shorts most days, he’s always trying to get the weather to listen to him!

We’re settling in for a wonderful Christmas holiday. Christmas cards got done, even though I thought it impossible! Having some updated family photos was really fun.

_DSC0229-002 _DSC0240 _DSC0243-001

Dearest Little One,

I missed writing last week because I caught a nasty cold and haven’t been feeling well. Sleeping is an impossibility with a cold and without the aid of medications to ease those symptoms. Lest you wonder, you are worth it and colds pass. This one I hope is almost done!

I’m trying to get used to this view:


Sometimes I still am caught off guard when I look down and realize – “Oh! There you are!!” Our next appointment is January 2nd, and they say if you play really well we might be able to find out if you’re a boy or a girl. I look forward to more pictures of you! In the meantime, I’ll share a few of you from the outside!

Aunt Deniene was begging to see the “baby bump” so I took this picture at the first of this month. It’s the first one I’ve taken of me and clearly, I should have found some windex for the mirror first! Oh well.


And this one I took today – that’s you little one!


We’re very much in the Christmas spirit around here today. The kids are so excited for our traditional Fondue dinner on Christmas Eve they can hardly stand it. Taylor helped me decorate some cookies this morning. His concentration tongue was hard at work. Taylor has so much to teach you!!

TayIcing2 TayIcing1

Cidnie talked me into doing her nails for her this afternoon. Be ready for this, whether boy or girl, Cidnie has all kinds of ideas of how much fun she’ll have with you! You are going to be spoiled rotten. :)


So we’re on the countdown for Christmas. The only thing that would make this better is if you were already here! But don’t worry, I’ll eat enough Fondue for both of us.

Merry Christmas, Little One. What an amazing reminder you are of the wonder that comes with miraculous births!



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