Gardening, Weeding and Watering…Oh My!

I admit it, I’m a perfectionist. I visualize a Martha Stewart style yard and garden with perfect borders, no weeds, freshly turned dirt around beautiful plants and flowers, etc. I revel in capturing a few photos like this one when things in the yard seem to nearly reach my visual expectations:





This was taken in May of this year. The flood irrigation of the front lawn makes it look like a personal lake, the ditch banks are neat and without wild overgrowth, the spring colors are vivid and the flower garden’s perennials are just starting to grow well. Today the view (just a little wider) looks like this:


The garden has also made headway, but I’m sad that it doesn’t look as pristine and weed free today as I’d like!

IMG_4625 IMG_4997

IMG_4677 IMG_4960

Somedays I feel so overwhelmed with how much there is left to do and things still not done. I have to step back and see progress comes little by little, there is no instant success button and no “done” button either. I’m hoping to get a real gardening journal started this year with pictures and details of where things are to help track and chart things. I grew up with this garden, but it all feels new to me again now that it’s mine to take care of.



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