They say to bloom where you’re planted.


I don’t think this just happens because all the conditions are right. I think we have to work hard to find what’s missing or imbalanced in our lives and fix the problems so we can bloom. Just a few weeks ago this same flower pot was struggling. Only one dahlia had managed to bloom and everything looked scraggly. Nothing a little water, sun and food couldn’t fix and today it’s just beautiful.

I can’t help but make some comparisons in my own life. Today, I could pick on the current remodeling projects I’ve been working on. In the early stages things felt very much like this pot of flowers struggling. But nothing a little mud, tape, paper, paint and determination couldn’t fix. The biggest project of late has been removing an entire room to open up the living space. This will become my new dining room area.

IMG_4575 IMG_4643

IMG_4577 IMG_4689

IMG_4640 IMG_4682

IMG_4769 IMG_4772

Today this project is nearing completion! As I’ve done all this on my own — most of it for the first time — I feel a bit like I’m learning how to bloom where planted. 😉


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