So Fun!

I started a new project this week and I’m so excited! I tested the concept of the brown paper floor and it’s working great!!

The process is one of simply gluing pieces of ripped, crumpled brown paper to the floor. This is what it looks like today:
My next step is to see if the combo polyurethane/stain works the way I’d like. If it does, I’ll stain the floor a darker brown and then seal it with several coats of polyurethane. If not, I’ll do the rest of the basement floor with just the natural brown paper finish.

I’m so happy this is as simple as it sounded and looks as good as I’d hoped. The ugly concrete floor will look like authentic leather when I’m done! It’s super cheap, the biggest cost being the polyurethane. I’ll post more pictures as I continue through the process. I’m just happy that this one is going just as I’d hoped so far.


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