Fabulous Facelift – Let There Be Light

I knew it was a big deal, I just didn’t know the jargon or how big a difference it would make: basement windows. The verbiage is “Egress Window”, and in short it means bringing a basement window up to current fire code saftey. This means no more windows so high or small that safe escape in the event of fire would be improbable. Other meanings include empty your piggy bank and let there be light.

Here’s the bedroom window before and after:


It’s amazing how much it makes this room feel like one in a home and not a dark cellar. I wasn’t prepared for how it would change the room size dynamics. It is a standard 4×4 window and it sure took up a lot of wall. It’s been the most wonderful update we’ve been a part of yet. It is a pricey project but it was a very smooth one and it went quickly. The contractors showed up at 7 a.m. and left at noon. Here’s a picture digest:







The difference is huge. I wish we had the budget to do all the windows in the basement. If you’re in the market for cutting out your basement windows and like me find cutting through 9 inches of concrete way beyond your DIY abilities, you’ll need to save up just under $2,000 to pay the professionals. On the upside, it’s an instant increase in home value. Any room with the small windows will not be included as square footage or bedrooms in your home. It helps with the initial sting. Honestly though, you can’t see the difference and question the value. It’s definitely worth it!


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