Fabulous Facelift – Clearing Clutter, Phase 2

With the food storage room standing as a beacon of hope, we dug into the next phase of de-cluttering on Saturday. To begin, I have to share a few photos of the back bedroom we had cleaned the week before. It was emptied and the carpet torn out. I had prepped the floor and for a while thought this would be the first room I’d finish. However, after talking through things it was decided that it would be best to have this room be used as the transition room for storing the stuff mom wants to keep so we can work on other renovation projects. In a few months, the new apartment and garage will be constructed and a permanent home will be found for this stuff. For now it will sit quietly behind a closed door.



And here’s the rest of the story in before and after pictures:




This entire side of the basement is now clear of clutter, as hard as it is to get through and as unhappy as I know mom was with me during the process I’m amazed at our progress. I thought it would take us two weeks to get through what only took us two days. This is most hopeful indeed!

This week I’ll get the carpet torn out. We have some wall patching and texturing to address then I’ll put down my new carpet-less floor. Most of this side of the basement will have to wait for completion until the construction process is well underway on the garage conversion and new garage as the builder needs access to the plumbing along this entire wall. As soon as we have the all clear we’ll move forward with the bathroom installation and finishing this side of the basement. Our next area of attack will be the other side of the basement, more specifically getting Cidnie’s soon to be bedroom and family room remodeled.


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  1. Big project, well done!

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