New Beginnings and Returning to My Roots

 Yes, it’s both a new beginning and a return to my roots. 21 years ago I was making plans to leave the home I’d grown up in to start a new life with my future husband. Oh the planning and busy nature of that time, I remember it well. I was working two jobs, going to school and planning a wedding. I thought my life was as busy as was humanly possible. Oh to be young and ignorant! Here I am these 21 years later making plans to move back into the home I grew up with my family. I’ve got a teen and tween, 20 years of marriage, more work experience and more varied than I’d ever thought possible, parents who need my help, projects up the wazoo and a dog. I’m only now starting to learn how busy life is and how many ways you can split yourself, time, talents and energies.

I’ve been neglecting my writing on my blog and I’m not happy about that. I kept hoping to get everything “just right” before converting my old blog to this new one. You’d think as many times as I’ve learned this lesson that nothing is every “just right”, especially with big projects that I’ve learned it well by now. But alas, I’ve procrastinated continuing for the hopes of getting caught up first. I wonder why I do that to myself? At any rate, I’m repenting and going to do my best to keep track of my journey on a regular basis.

The kids start school this week. They are enjoying their last two days of summer vacation. It’s been a full summer, we took a trip to the Jersey Shore and NYC. Cidnie spent a week at EFY and girl’s camp and we enjoyed being close to cousins. The kids really enjoy living back home with family.

We are in the earliest stages still of getting the conversion project going. We should have money to start construction next week. LaMont, the original home builder, is doing the work for us. We’ll be converting the current two car garage into a ground level apartment for mom and dad with handicap access and facilities. A new garage will be attached to the house and my family will move into the main house. Our rent will pay for the new and allow us to be closer to mom and dad. They will still get to be in their home, enjoy their yard and see the fruits of years of labor while having the help to care for it all. This change will also facilitate the greater goals of becoming completely debt free for ourselves and parents.

In the next 16-18 weeks a lot of work will be done. We’ve begun work on cleaning out the food storage room and other storage room in the basement for access to the plumbing and electrical for the construction of the apartment. We’ve only scratched the surface on the food storage but headway has begun. One trailer full of stuff has gone out with a smaller pile of things left to sort through standing in the corner. We can now walk into the room and have enough motivation to keep going on clearing it. We’ll finish that room with ceiling, sheetrock and floor before we organize the space into food storage. It’s one of the bigger projects in the main house. I’ve already forgotten to take two “before” photos of both storage rooms we’ve started on. But I do have pictures of what the gutted storage room looks like. We cleaned that room out on Saturday to start the bathroom conversion project as well as give LaMont access to the plumbing there. Blake and Amanda had a little too much fun pulling the shelving out and leaving their marks. But the room is now clear and we can start planning the bathroom there now.












This is a small visual of the amount of stuff we had to move out to clear the space. This is also close to the amount of stuff we’ve already gone through in the food storage room:












Which brings us to this current cleared room ready to begin bathroom conversion:











And so the real work has begun. I’ve got a million ideas, but I’ll keep those for future posts, at least I’ve begun…again.


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