Sometimes it feels like it will never get done, but I know it will. I just have to persevere. I’m in the process of moving my old blog into this new one. In conjunction I’m scanning photos as fast as I can with my mother in law’s borrowed scanning device. It’s SO much faster than mine. Anyone who’s taken on either task knows how big it is. I just have to keep remembering how wonderful it will be when it’s all done and the books I’ll have to show for it that will be super easy to organize and print.

As I’ve been reviewing and organizing with tags all my early articles from my blog I’m both grateful and sad I wrote so much! Grateful because to the memories stored in those posts are priceless, sad because I had so many the first 2-3 years when I began blogging! I’ve got A LOT of updating to do. When I pulled my old blog content into this new one there were over 750 articles! Now I need to get them all tagged right. Then this blog can take over the original blog’s address and I’ll be one MAJOR step closer to being really organized in my project of journaling and publishing.

Sometimes you have to look back to move forward. Looking back to review what you’ve gotten done can keep you going, especially when it feels like you’ve made hardly a dent in the project! Today almost 300 pictures were scanned and I made it through at least 20 or so articles. Baby steps.


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