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Do you ever have one of those days when you spend a lot of time thinking about all the things you wish you were doing, had gotten done or were finishing? Today is that day for me. I feel like I need to find some focus again.

I lay in bed last night thinking about my blog, among other things. I’ve spent some time reviewing posts in years past and I find myself both grateful for the things I recorded and disappointed in the way I’ve been far less diligent in recent years. It seems like there are so many ways to spend time and record things today it’s hard to know where to spend your time and energies, or at least how to more efficiently divide them on the many options.

A few years ago, I started a private blog for my siblings and parents. The purpose was to keep in touch with each other and know what’s going on in our lives as well as to print a book each year for a gift to our parents. It’s been a wonderful thing, although I’ll be the first to admit it’s much harder to get contributions (including my own) than I’d ever guessed. I wonder why it is that good things are so hard to make time for?

At any rate, I’ve spent a lot of time this morning thinking on the things that inspire me; the things that light a fire under me; the things I want to do. I’m trying to find my focus again. I need to take more pictures, remember to post more and keep that focus of making my life a masterpiece in my sights.


2 comments on “Focus

  1. We all need sources of inspiration and ideas from time to time to go into a new direction. Please drop by and see if anything speaks to you on my site!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Focus is my problem too. I seem to be easily distracted lately.

    And yet, we can so easily focus or at least zoom in on the reality that we’re distracted. Is that weird? LOL

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