My Middle Ground

It’s cold. It’s snowing. I miss the desert southwest when it’s like this. So I cope with a sunroom with mom’s plants to soothe me.

Winter Sunroom

I can almost look beyond the white stuff outside.


4 comments on “My Middle Ground

  1. i think the space heater helps!

    Absolutely! Wish I could fit one of those in my socks. :)

  2. It’s cold here too, but no snow so far. However, I could still use a sunroom.

    We’re still lacking more snow too, sadly not the cold! But we’re not complaining too loud yet as we still have family driving on roads until Wednesday evening so if it stays away until after then we’ll be happy. :)

  3. Having spent my life in a cold, northern climate, I totally relate, Holly. And there are days when I wish I lived in a place where snow was a distant concept and warmth was our daily companion.

    Reality dictates that we woke up to snow this morning. And as chilled as I was when I first looked out the window, my mood brightened when I got the pup on his leash and he pulled me outside. He literally bounced his way through the snow, stopping every once in a while to stuff his schnauzer nose deep and make deep, snorkeling like noises as he burrowed for stuff I didn’t even want to imagine. He was happy, so I guess I had to be, too.

    Love your sunroom. What a great place to watch the cold world from the other side!

    Hi Carmi! Yes, I’m enjoying a sunroom and you’re absolutely right about the kids and pups making it fun!

  4. We had 72 degrees and sunshine yesterday!

    Happy New Year from Arizona!!! :)

    Sounds perfect! I can’t complain too loud because rain and 40 degrees this time of year here is unheard of. 😉

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