That Sinking Feeling

Ever have that sinking feeling? So did this truck driver yesterday when he delivered a load of rock to mom’s yard.


He might have made it if he hadn’t stopped to make sure he wasn’t sinking too much. But those few moments gave those front tires enough time to sink to a point the back ones just couldn’t push them out. Even lightening the load by dumping the rock wasn’t enough.

For better reference on the level sunk, check out Taylor standing outside, and then inside the spot where that front tire was.
screen-shot-2011-10-12-at-30959-pm screen-shot-2011-10-12-at-31119-pm screen-shot-2011-10-12-at-30925-pm

Now, the positive in this sunken tale is the good nature of people. Upon getting stuck, the driver asked if there were any neighbors that might have a tracker to provide the needed pull. After a few calls, my mom found a neighbor who willingly came to offer help. Leaving what they were doing, literally dropping everything to come to help in that moment. That is awesome to me.
screen-shot-2011-10-12-at-31019-pm screen-shot-2011-10-12-at-31032-pm

Are we really any different? Too often, we take just a moment too long before action and find ourselves sunk. We think we can fix it ourselves by just offloading something, only to find the more we attempt at our own recovery, the deeper we make the ruts. Maybe our situation isn’t physically visible, but I’d wager we all have some personal ruts. Sometimes life is going to find us sunk and it’s going to take a helpful pull to get out. Wouldn’t it be sad if no one came?

No matter which side we’re on – needing a pull or being able to provide one – I think there’s a lesson in this sinking feeling.


2 comments on “That Sinking Feeling

  1. Yes, what a great analogy. I’ve felt that sinking feeling a time or two in my life. And I also know about fixing and filling in the holes. The rocks have been moved and the lawn cleaned. Only the new dirt needs to come and fill in the “divots” and by the middle of next summer after the lawn fills in, it will look as good as new. So, do we after the removing the rocks and the filling in. It may take a little time, but time is the healer of most things. Great thanks to my family and such good friends and neighbors.

    Time is good. 😉

  2. Our neighbors were helpful too when the baby was hospitalized a couple of years ago. It’s good when someone can lend a hand.

    It is. I don’t think you can overstate the value of a good neighbor. :)

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