I Missed It

Admittedly, I loved being a desert rat. Living in the desert southwest was full of the most amazing weather during what I knew to be the worst time of year growing up. The months of October through April are so beautiful in Arizona, the temperatures so mild and even. It was like the best of late spring and early fall temperatures of Idaho, but it lasts all fall, winter and spring long. I loved it. The tradeoff for this bliss was a lack of seasons. The only visible change in AZ during winter was the transition of green summer grass to green winter grass, this happens twice a year when lawns look brown for a short time while the new season’s grass takes hold. Halloween felt right, the weather turns from miserable hot to enjoyable all day and night long, but the signs of a season change were almost non-existant. I didn’t know how much I missed it.

This past weekend, we took our kids for a Sunday afternoon drive up through the Palisades reservoir, looping back through Victor on the circle drive home. I just kept snapping photos from inside the car, it was so pretty. The brilliant spots of color change were like touches of God’s paintbrush on the canvas of life. The drive itself brought back memories from my past and it felt wonderful to soak it all up. I’m so glad we did. This week the weather has turned. It’s raining with forecast of a cold front that will bring snow to some elevations. I’m glad we didn’t miss it, because seeing that spot of fall made me realize that I have been missing this season.


3 comments on “I Missed It

  1. Sounds and looks like a terrific trip. I totally agree with you about Arizona. This summer was not my best. But things are cooling down…finally!

    It was terrific! 😉 Glad you’re able to enjoy the cooling!

  2. Arizona sounds a little like western Oregon. Except we have one long rain season from September through June.

    We started with rain today…it’s now snow!

  3. I like your blog, but I have to say – that was the most complicated subscription of ANY blog I’ve ever seen – it even comes with an advertisement!

    This is what happens when your blog foundation becomes quite outdated. :(

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