Apparently, I missed a month.

Things have been slightly crazy. That’s silly, there is no ‘slightly’ there is or is not. It IS definitely crazy!

We’ve now been back in Idaho for six weeks. We’ve already fit in two birthday celebrations, one family reunion, one wedding, one business trip for Blake to Boston, two rounds of girl’s camp and a full calendar of fun with family and cousins in between. We’ve got a few more birthdays and school registration coming up in the next two weeks and I’m still looking for my white flag for calendaring. This past week we also had some extended family experience some real hardships. Blake’s cousin lost her 15 year old son to a drowning accident and another cousin has experienced complications with an early labor and delivery. Our hearts and prayers go out to them during this trying time.

Sanity checks are finding themselves in quiet moments spent outside. Picking raspberries, mowing the lawn, watching the kids play in the water and the dog run off energy in a huge yard. Maybe this month I’ll get more than one post up on my blog. 😉


3 comments on “Hmmmm

  1. I hope so! I miss your blog updates!

    How did you end up with TWO rounds of girls camp?

    Sorry to hear about your cousins’ experiences.

    Welcome back to the ‘Burg!!!

    Thanks much! Cid lucked out hitting our first week here for girls camp with her grandma and grandpa, then this past week with her cousins. :) It’s nice to be HOME. :)

  2. sanity checks are good; very, very good. sending prayers for your family.

    Thanks much.

  3. Sorry to hear about Blake’s cousin. It’s tough to lose someone, especially when they are so young.

    It is. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

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