I couldn’t think of a better title because this one words sums up so much. Since we arrived a week ago tomorrow, I’ve had heavy breathing from full days, lots of work and peaceful evenings with deep breathing as I soak up the peace and calm I’ve only ever found here at home.

As I have many friends that have no reference for the pictures and status updates I’ve been sharing on Facebook about yard work and mowing, I thought I’d share pictures of my mom’s beautiful and LARGE yard to help explain that out of breath breathing.
frontyardleft frontyardright

eastside westside

backyard backfield


That makes up nearly two acres of lawn. And if that mowing and tree maintenance weren’t enough, let’s not forget the garden! :)

backgarden frontgarden

And the weeding in the awesome and plentiful flowerbeds! :)
flowerbed plumtrees

In the past six days we’ve also had a family outside BBQ, hotdog and smores night at the fire pit, a trip up to the dry farm to visit the old homestead, a few soaks in the hot tub, fun with firework poppers, girl’s camp, to say nothing of the cleaning, unpacking and even some haircuts and pedicures today!

It feels wonderful to be home.


4 comments on “Breathing

  1. Can I just say it’s wonderful on this side as well!!


  2. welcome home.

    Thanks much! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying a nice summer!

  3. Looks wonderful! There’s no place like home, right?

    It’s so true!

  4. Love the pictures! Lush green yards, gardens and outside BBqing, my kind of summer!

    Truly! I’ve been enjoying your pictures too, looks like a fun time. 😉

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