School Projects

Taylor’s home with a bad cold today, so he took part in some of Cidnie’s school fun. They had fun making their model volcanos. Now, they’re only wishing they could speed the drying process so we can make them erupt!
screen-shot-2011-05-16-at-21028-pm screen-shot-2011-05-16-at-21019-pm
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Taylor also had a fun weekend babysitting his classroom’s silk worms. Mom was a little less enthusiastic about them, but she’s glad he had fun!

Saturday, we took a trip to Muir Woods where the kids got to learn about birds as a bonus to visiting the park. I think hearing what an Owl hears was one of the top day’s events.
screen-shot-2011-05-16-at-21147-pm screen-shot-2011-05-16-at-21156-pm screen-shot-2011-05-16-at-21137-pm


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  1. Cool, your kids made their own volcanos. They look like they are made out of chocolate. I want to take a bite, but it probably won’t taste very good.

    Nah, way too much salt and flour!! :)

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