That’s What It’s All About

This post comes during a “life time-out”, or as it shall be known by me from this point on. A time when the daily life routine is interrupted for an important news flash. I’d be remiss not to follow the pattern and take a time out from my daily routine to write about it.

My heart is as full as my eyes at the moment, which just happen to be overflowing with emotion. I just hung up the phone with a friend. While content is personal, the feeling is universal. This dear friend isn’t someone I can put a tally of years next to, our time together was relatively short. It’s been several months since we had interaction, I’m chagrinned to reflect on the probability that I didn’t even get a Christmas card to her (I so hope I did!!). But here’s the magic, none of that matters because frankly, none of that matters. It’s not how long you know someone – it’s how well. It’s not the things you don’t do – it’s the things you do. Some people you get to know because you work with them, others because you serve with them, others because you share similar life experiences or live next to them, and the list of reasons goes on and on. The bottom line is there is a list and its bottom line is the same: people, that’s what it it’s all about folks, people.

On a day when my mood has been a reflection of the continuous rain outside (for all those friends who endure many days of rain, I have a newfound respect for you!), I can sit here at my computer and reflect how moments of interaction with friends through the day have brought me intermittent rainbows. One doesn’t know this because she was simply sending me an email which brought on some discussion during my day, but it was a rainbow all the same. In fact, most of the people who do much for me probably don’t know it. I try to express my gratitude and love often, but I know I miss more than I catch. If my friends who read and comment on my posts here could see what they do for my heart, they might be surprised. It seems so little a thing, but it all comes back to those who take the time to make the time. The busy dad in Oregon, the friend I met in a chat room so many years ago when our daughters were babes and who bless her heart still finds ways to find me and reach out to me, the co-worker from years ago, and the list goes on and on. Or how about that sweet lady who smiled at me at the grocery store, or the nice man who offered to take my cart when I’d unloaded the bags? Yes, they added rainbow fragments to my day too. If I had but the immediate memory and time to write about each of them I could fill an entire page. If I could extend it to those who have touched my life it would turn into volumes. If I could wrap it all up I’d have a lifting power beyond imagination. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Trust in your heart. Trust in your feelings. When you find yourself thinking you should just call someone you should. It’s the someones in your life that make it worth living. It’s the calls you make that make the difference.

I’m taking a life time out to share my thoughts. To openly put out there how grateful I am for all the people that make my little world go round. You are many. You are amazing. You are what it’s all about.


6 comments on “That’s What It’s All About

  1. I hope everyone who reads this post thinks you were writing it just for them. What a sweet message.

    Me too, because I was! :)

  2. Love it Holly! You are absolutely right. As I reflected on a year ago I couldn’t help recalling the little rainbows you and Blake sent me as you read and reread my book and the wonderful evenings I was able to spend in your home discussing it. Thanks for being there for me when I needed someone like you.
    Sure love you guys,

    Right back at ‘ya! It truly is what makes the world go round. I hate missing good friends, but how grateful I am for them and the reason to feel the loss.

  3. Wonderfully worded! I particularly connected with you when you said, “I know I miss more than I catch.” Oh how I wish that weren’t the case, but I too am grateful for the people who are tender mercies in my life. This post, today, is one of those tender mercies. Thank you for the reminder!

    Julie, thank you so much for your kind words. They keep me going more than you know. 😉

  4. Great post. You’re a good friend to have. I wish I was a better friend and stay connected with the friends I grew up with. Ever since I had kids, I have not made much of an effort to include my friends in my life. I know I’ll regret it when my kids are all grown and I won’t have any friends to hang out with.

    Maybe they’re doing the same things and it will be a reason for a reunion? :) Oh, and remember there’s no end to family, the kids will grow but they’ll just replace themselves in your lives with mini-me versions. *wink

  5. Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying the beauty of my backyard gardens when a thought came to me – I need to call my friend. About an hour later I finally sat down inside and called her. She answered saying “How did you know?”….she was crying her heart out at some hurtful news regarding her ongoing divorce. You are so right….we need to follow those thoughtful nudges from God. Embracing you with the biggest cyber hug imaginable – you have been quite the inspiration to me through the years…the brightest color in the rainbow!!!

    Right back at ‘ya Danielle. I’m so glad to hear of your experience and that you just called! The power of action and friendship are truly unparalleled. :)

  6. Holly, this is truly precious and you are most certainly one of my best rainbows. I am going to pay this forward by doing my best (and I too, miss more than I catch) to pay this forward to all my rainbows! God bless you! Darlene

    And you my dear! :)

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