Admiralty Christmas

It’s long overdue, but I’m finally posting details about our new home in the bay area. Blake came to the bay the first week of October for an introduction to his new job and to find us a new home to move to. This was a daunting task as we only had rental images and information we could find listed online to start with. The number of times he called with a report that a place was really unappealing, super de duper small or not in an area we’d want to live in was by far the norm and disheartening. Further, time was short. However, his first visit to the Admiralty in Foster City resulted in an immediate feeling that he thought he’d found the place. Turns out he did, and the 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, two-story condo was secured. The kids and I moved here sight unseen, which Blake will tell you had him plenty nervous (and I must add that after driving around he did very well indeed!) I have many thoughts to share on the psychology transition and shift that made this possible, but that’s a post for another day. :)

I’ll start with Foster City. For reference, we’re about half way between San Francisco and San Jose. The long bridge we’re closest to is the San Mateo bridge and it costs $5 to cross! We learned quickly you don’t want to miss your exit.
For time reference, the San Francisco airport is about 15 minutes away. A drive to either San Jose or San Fran would take roughly 30 minutes by car.

The city sits separate from most of the surrounding area. This makes for a very small town feel and slow pace in our neck of the woods that I’ve really enjoyed. Several of the homes here are arranged on water fronts and the entire little city is connected by bridges to the surrounding area. There are just under 30,000 people, 3 elementary schools and one middle school and the culture is incredibly diverse with people from all walks of life living here. The community is packed with events, classes and activities for families. The city is beautiful.
screen-shot-2010-12-10-at-100141-am screen-shot-2010-12-10-at-95156-am screen-shot-2010-12-10-at-94901-am screen-shot-2010-12-10-at-95117-am

We live in a central location (the blue ‘Adm’ marks our location on the map below.) The Admiralty was one of the first residential buildings completed on the island in the 60s by reknown architect Edward Durrell Stone, who also designed Radio City Music Hall and the Kennedy Center. (I had to add that tidbit because it just sounds cool)
screen-shot-2010-12-10-at-95916-am screen-shot-2010-12-10-at-95832-am

Ironically, we live in the corner unit of the photo above. The willow tree is right off the end of our balcony. The complex is currently undergoing a major facelift so it now looks like this, which isn’t so fun to look out on. However, it’s going to look really nice when it’s done which we hope is only another 6-8 weeks away.
pc100002 pc100001
All the two story condos are on the top two floors. From the photo above you can see what the size of ours looks like from the outside. The two sliding glass doors are on the main floor, one off the dining room and one off the family room and the two windows above are to our and Taylor’s bedrooms.

My only complaint about the new place is the lack of storage. The two inside closets you meet upon entering the unit have both been converted to house a washer and dryer. This is great for laundry, but stinky for storage. When you walk in the front door you look right at two doors, the one to the left is the half bath the other the washer with the family room to the left and the living/dining room to the right. The washer closet is right beside the main entry door, which you can’t quite see in the picture. Oh, also note the coat hooks I put up by the entry – that’s in place of a missing closet for storage, but it works!

The kitchen and office provided some real challenges. The kitchen has cabinets but no pantry, so I had to get really creative. There is no office so I found a corner unit for my computer and a bookshelf to organize all the office papers (why do we alway have so much paper crap?!)
pb170004 pc100001-2a pc100003-1a

The family room is very small compared to our old home, especially housing the kitchen dining set, so for now the kids are using bean bags for chairs in that room. I’m hoping to make a couple of recliner chairs fit. On the upside I can see the TV perfectly from my favorite computer corner.
pb170007 pb170006pc100007
Note the conversion of the shelves into a “pantry” by the TV.

While Taylor says we live in a hotel, I think it’s starting to feel rather homey. We’ve even found places for most of the Christmas decor.
pc100034-1 pc100024-1 pc100028
pc100031 pc100033 pc100036

And most importantly, we all have our own bedrooms and separate bathrooms! Yes, Blake choose well, and Christmas has found us here just as it has in every other place we’ve lived.
pb080064 pb080065 pb080073 pb080072 pb080070
pb080076 pb170020 pb170018 pb170010 pb170011

And there you have it, our new life at the Admiralty.


4 comments on “Admiralty Christmas

  1. Love the christmas decor looks beautiful!

    Thanks much! Hope you’re doing well, miss you. 😉

  2. Looks like home! Blake did a great job:))

    Yes he did, no pressure! LOL

  3. I’ve never heard of Foster City before. Your place looks nice. I’m actually impress you have your Christmas stuff up. It took us several months to unpack the last time we moved. Enjoy your new home and city!

    The upside of moving so close to the holidays is it was easy to find and actually helped me finish unpacking! LOL :)

  4. Enjoy your new home and here’s to an amazing 2011! I am impressed that you all moved sight unseen! He did good! I have ALWAYS lived in the same general area and hubby and I dream of hitting the road some day. :)

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