The Journey

It’s a lesson I have to keep teaching myself: it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Allow me to expound. I’m impatient, plain and simple. I want what I want and I want it right now. I tend to get frustrated when this plan is interrupted. Enter the lesson of the journey – the interruptions are the entire point; the very reason and way we learn from this life and all we experience here. It’s why the advice “Come what may and love it” is so choice. Easier said than done, makes this the very reason I used the word “keep” to describe my process of learning this lesson.

The amazing thing is to realize how much stress is created by the simple plan of instant gratification. I find it also feeds procrastination and failure. Here’s how: Take any project/journey and think about the end result you want. The natural instinct is to not only want it complete, perfect and finished but consequently to put off any report on progress, etc. until that point is reached. How often does that result happen? Therefore both procrastination and failure are fed by the mere anxiety to have instant, complete, perfected and finished results not to mention the level of blood pressure and stress generated around the frustration of this impossible goal.

Case in point, this month my family moved to a new state and a home. A big task to be sure, but the bigger giant is my battle against wanting so much to have everything “done” – a reality, that when examined shows that there is no such thing! Here’s the good news, several years ago I wouldn’t have been willing to post or share anything of my progress because I would have been waiting for the finished, perfected end result first. This incidentally is why my photo albums and journaling efforts fall flat.

Here’s the skinny, it’s not all done. I have several things that are awaiting the next step like purchasing some canvas boxes to help create a pantry and other storage areas for all the things I can’t quite find a spot for yet. But progress is being made. Who knows, maybe this process will even result in some posts and shares about creative ways I found to store a lot of stuff in not so much space! In the meantime I am reminding myself to smile with each step in the journey.


5 comments on “The Journey

  1. I’m impatient too and I’m not even fond of the journey. I want to see the end result now. I hope my kids won’t be like that. It would be nice if they could enjoy their journey in life.

    I wish I weren’t more like that myself! I’m trying to recognize it…

  2. I so get this post….however, over the past five years I have really made “live in the moment” a habit….actually my gardening pursuits have taught me that in the most profound way. And that is what our “instant gratification” is…a habit…a hard one to break to be sure…but it is breakable. It sounds like your move may be your “garden” in developing the habit of living in the moment…and actually my photo projects (of which you were the instigator on THAT one!! :) ) has taught me that also…do these things when you feel like it…you will get the maximum enjoyment out of it then. So glad we “met” through blogging…I think you are awesome!!

    So glad we met too! Always great to be surrounded by understanding and wonderful company! 😀 I love that you keep me going with two shared loves: gardening and photos!! 😀 Thanks much!!

  3. Sad to say, I want what I want, when I want it, how I want it, exactly how it’s envisioned. It’s hard to deviate from it when you it’s something, or somewhere you need to be, or something you need to get done and finished. And it’s very frustrating. But if it gets done in the end, I’ve learned it doesn’t really matter how long it took. And sometimes, impatience is what you need to feel at the time to move either move the journey along or take a much needed break from it.

    So true!!

  4. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Photo ideas? 100 Portrait Ideas

    Right back at ‘ya!

  5. Almost 14 years to the day since that cold winter’s night when we pulled into a strange new house in a strange new city, it’s starting to dawn on me that our journey, too, will likely be indefinite. We’re never really “there”, which I guess is a great lesson for the kids.

    Thank you for confirming this, Holly. I can always count on you for wisdom that makes life on this end of the country that much easier!

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