Half Moon Bay

Yesterday we took the kids out to see the beach. It was so fun to drive 20 minutes, enjoy new scenery and play at the beach. I think we’re all thinking we’re going to like it here!!
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There was a fun area of organic fruit and vegetable farms along the drive, and I can see the workings of the next big event being the Christmas trees there. I have a feeling we’ll be going back soon!
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We took in some beautiful scenery of the reservoir on our way back. The diversity here (of everything!) is so wonderful!
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3 comments on “Half Moon Bay

  1. Looks like a fun day!!!! Beautiful place too…… I bet it is wonderful to be somewhere new, so close to someplace that beautiful.

    It has been wonderful, so many fun new things to take in. 😀

  2. BEEEEEEEAAAAAAACH! What a great day of exploring! Glad the transition seems to be going well.

    Yes, BEEEEEAAAAACH! 😀 It is going well, can’t wait to really dig in and enjoy all that there is to take in here. 😉

  3. It truly is a magical place. Every time I’m on the west coast, I wonder why I don’t just live there.


    Glad to see you settling in so well. What an experience for you and your kids!

    Thanks much Carmi, it has been a great experience for all of us – on so many levels!

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