The Tale of the 13 and 8 Year Old!

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Another year has passed, and that means another birthday week for both kiddos has come and gone! I can’t believe my babies are 8 and 13!! Where did the time go?


2 comments on “The Tale of the 13 and 8 Year Old!

  1. Oh my goodness, you have a teenager. I’m sure she’s a good kid, but good luck. Looks like your son is a year older than my oldest boy. I hope he’s enjoying the third grade.

    Yes, teenager – AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Actually, I feel like I’ve been in the teen throngs with this one for a few years already!!

  2. Wow…. Definitely keep writing… that way I will have lots of tips for when mine get there. They are beautiful though, and you’ve done a great job.

    Thanks much! Your girls are adorable. Hope you’re feeling better!

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