You Know, But Do You REALLY Know?

So you know you need to eat healthy. You know that so much of what’s out there is not healthy. You know that you need to take care of your health while you still can – before your body starts cashing in all its receipts of years worth of decisions. I know all these things, or at least I think I do. I’m still not as good about being as disciplined as I should be about my daily diet and exercise decisions, even with that knowledge. However, tonight I finally watched Food Inc. and I’m finding more motivation to be proactive and informed. And not just about the food itself but about the government and economic gears behind the production of it.

I procrastinated watching this because I was expecting something like “Super Size Me” extremes. I’m glad I watched it, and if anyone else had the same concerns I can put them to rest for you. The documentary is well done, well rounded and purely information based. I highly recommend watching it. In fact, as I sat down to write this I went to find some clips or information to share and loved seeing how much good stuff is happening on their blog. I was super encouraged with just the most recent half dozen posts, all sharing enlightenment and positive action spurred by the film. So much of what’s out there is so big, daunting and down right ugly that knowledge can sometimes be little more than a heavy and weighty downer. I appreciate it so much when someone can tackle the ugly without losing the ability to have a positive influence.

I am saddened by how many people in our world are victimized by industry. Watching the family choose crappy fast food hamburgers they know are bad for them simply because they could get more food for less money was truly disheartening. Learning that this trend of diet is leading to numbers of 1 in 2 children of those families acquiring diabetes at a young age was equally sad. Too often we can’t see the consequences of our decisions and actions until it’s too late. I’ve watched first hand the devastating effects of diabetes. I know how ugly it is.

On the upside, watching this coincided nicely with some of our recent decisions in the past year. We’ve cut back eating much meat, especially red meat and we’ve noticed a lot of positives health wise as a direct result. The garden fruits and veggies coupled with our new grain mill have been really fun bonuses. It’s not as hard as I originally thought to do these things. It doesn’t take hours, it’s not hard and the benefits are totally worth it. The real investment I’ve found is the desire to learn and try new things and the determination to keep learning. For example, I found a great recipe for “Wonder Flour” that I use in place of store bought white flour for everything except yeast breads. It takes less than 2 minutes to take six cups of grains and rice and turn it into a wonderful flour. I put it in a gallon ziplock back and store it right inside my flour container and it will last me several months – not much effort for an awful lot of gain. There’s a lot of truth in the statement that small and simple means can bring about great things.

So tonight I know a little more than I thought I knew. I think that’s a good thing.


4 comments on “You Know, But Do You REALLY Know?

  1. I watched Food, Inc on DVD. It was really interesting. I learned a lot of things – like the industry’s use of corn to feed livestock and the patents on seeds. How can it be illegal to reuse seeds in America?

    Crazy isn’t it? Even more so is knowing how that corn is causing Ecoli with a simple solution but they’re throwing ammonia on the meat instead….yum.

  2. Darlene Johnston

    July 9, 2010 at 11:34 am Reply

    Holly, this was a great article! I’ve done the same thing you’re doing (except the grain mill–I must get one!) and it’s made a huge difference in my weight and how I feel.
    We take our good health for granted until as you said, our bodies begin cashing in on the years of receipts. As I approach 50 (next March, gulp!)my message to everyone is, “Eat right, exercise often!” It’s old advice, but it’s solid.

    All we can do is our best and sometimes our best is just turning away from that fast food joint and grabbing a salad instead.

    God bless you guys, Darlene

    Right back at ‘ya!

  3. I think people fall into the fast food trap because of schedules. I changed my diet recently, but occasionally fall into the fast food trap. I need to watch that DVD eventually, it seems interesting. I just got out of the hospital with pancreatitis and my husband vowed that even he would eat better with me. We’ve started getting off the red meat kick and incorporating Turkey instead. Thanks for reminding me to watch it. I am glad your family is living healthier!

    It’s a great DVD! I think we all need all the extra help we can get to make the good choices…the bad ones are too easy and too well publicized. 😉

  4. Great article! I am now off the fast food. It helps to cook and freeze ahead of time. I also create a beautiful menu and I put it on the fridge and I describe it like the restaurant and that has help keeping my children curious and excited about dinner even if its almond and green

    Little things go a long way!! 😀

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