Some Things Never Change ~ Some Do

Well, I’ve been away from my blog since returning to work. It’s a lot harder to find time for things like this than I thought it would be. I’m sitting here right now trying to decide how much priority to place on it. Because I’ve never blogged for anything but personal interaction and recording I don’t feel any pressure many of my counterparts do for posts and traffic.

So here’s an interesting thing to note this morning. The thing that never changes is spam. No matter where I go, what I post or how long I’m away the spammers are living long and prospering. It evolves, as all things do but it’s ever present. At first, spam comments could (and often would) be random and direct marketing messages. As they’ve ‘matured’ they now try to trick owners and readers into thinking they’re a live person, really there to take part in the topic, but as soon as you look at the URL you’ll see it’s just another 1 in 10 million product or service sales sites. I guess the optimist in me likes knowing I’m not totally missed.

Another interesting thing is the evolution of blogging and online social interaction. Years ago when I began blogging it was the means of communicating and connecting with others online. The primary topic of posts was personal or advice based with relationships forming by both mutual interest as well as traffic generation. It was fun to feel like you were part of something bigger and to get to know people from all over. That has changed – a lot. Today, most of my old blogging buddies are no longer blogging at all. With the explosion of Facebook, most of this personal stuff went that direction leaving the few bloggers I knew to go one of three ways – private/journal blogging, review/product giveaway blogging, or reposting their old content just to keep their blog active.

Decisions, decisions.

I’ll have to share more as I define my personal roadmap on these many resources. It’s been an interesting learning curve. Today I see myself continuing my basic and low level Facebook interaction for keeping in touch with people I know or care about; my blog to share thoughts, files, etc. the way I always have but less often and with less personal stuff; and starting a new personal file as a combination of my photo projects and journaling to compile into various forms of media to enjoy it. Hmmmm…..sounds like a lot of work – sounds like me! *giggle, snort*


2 comments on “Some Things Never Change ~ Some Do

  1. I know what you mean. Most of my regulars don’t visit anymore because my personal blog has morphed into a review/giveaway blog. I was going for more useful, but now most people come for free stuff. Going forward, my goal is still more useful. I just need to figure what form that will be.

    It’s tough to figure out those forms! The bright side is how much we learn as we go right? 😉

  2. I don’t really worry too much about traffic. I did think about doing give aways but it just seems like there is no point in that. I love your blog and your insights so hopefully you won’t disappear entirely from the blogging world.

    Awww you’re sweet. I doubt I’ll disappear. It’s not as much, but it still works for me like it always has. 😉

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