A Lot Can Happen

I’m sitting here reflecting on how much can happen in such little time. In just the past six months our family got a dog, my daughter cut 6 inches off her hair and got braces, I got a new calling at church and a job, and I’m having to cut off all my son’s long pants into shorts because he’s gotten so tall. As I sat here going through pictures I thought these comparisons would be a fun way to share my point:
p1070011 p3250007 p6060004
pa150002 p3250001 p6050022
p4130012 p4130022 p6050024
img_0328 photo-on-2010-03-08-at-1116-2 p5300018

That’s the same dog, same strawberry box, same pool and even the same me with yet another long to short hair change! Who knows what six more months will bring?!


2 comments on “A Lot Can Happen

  1. My three oldest kids are growing up at warp speed, but the little one seems to be stuck in time. We can’t wait until he gets older so we can try to reason with him about eating. He’s down to 6th percentile in weight and the doctor is threatening us with the feeding tube again.

    That poor little tyke! Something’s gotta give for him.

  2. You’re beautiful and your family is beautiful. I hope you’re blessed with 6 more months of great changes. :)

    You’re so sweet! Thank you!

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