Hungry for Summer

This past week our weather has been like the summer days I grew up with in Idaho. It’s a reminder of just how hungry we can all get for summer weather!

The seeds we planted last week are sprouting, much to mom’s delight. I’m pretty sure she willed them to grow extra fast so she could see their heads pop out of the ground before she returns to the land of ice.

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3 comments on “Hungry for Summer

  1. We’re ready for summer over here too, but the rain season won’t be over for another three months. Uggh.

    We’re supposed to be losing our sun to clouds and rain this weekend, I don’t mind the break because at least here it’s just that – a break. :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! Summer can’t come fast enough for us either! I bet everyone will be sad when your parents leave. That’s how we feel when my mom leaves.

    Always, it’s so fun to have them!

  3. We have had absolutely GORGEOUS weather here finally after a really rainy crummy March. Highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s at night and low humidity. My allergies finally have subsided, too. I am loving it! Went for a walk last night at 7:30 with Miss A and our big boy dog and it was so lovely. Don’t you love how kids always have fun with the garden hose!!? 😉

    The simplest things like those bring the greatest enjoyment! Those night walks are the best no?!

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