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p3090009This morning I broke in my new fruit juicer attachment for my Kitchenaid. Let me tell you, “Fresh Squeezed” is NOT the same as homemade, fresh squeezed! Nothing compares to the quality, flavor and sweetness of unprocessed, fresh squeezed, orange juice. Nothing.

So, what caused me to finally break in my new spinning fruit juicer? Well, I have great neighbors, many of whom own orange trees. Suffice it to say my basket was flowing over. As I’m not great at eating fresh fruit, I needed to find a way to use them. Don’t get me wrong, I love fruit but I’m super picky about sweetness. A tart strawberry can take me off the market for even trying another one for long spell. Oranges are a gamble. A really ripe one can be sweet and totally awesome, but get a tart or bitter one and I’m right back with the signing off for a spell page.

The greatest thing about my attachment was zero learning curve. It was obvious that I just had to plug it in to the front of my Kitchenaid and tighten the holding screw to keep it in place. I did find out quickly some lubricant was necessary. So I sprayed some cooking oil on the connector:
You can see the black lines at the top of the spinner, that’s where the spray went and instantly all the squeaks went away.

Then it was on to the juicing. I cut up 20 oranges of various sizes and held the halves up to the spinning device. I found the best speed was about 2. The seed/pulp catching tray caught the big stuff and the spinner did all the hard work.
p3090002 p3090013 p3090010

I filtered the first few cups into the pitcher through a mesh cloth.
p3090004 p3090005 p3090008

Then I got smart and put the cloth over the bowl:
p3090011 p3090017 p3090019

I ended up with 1 quart of juice from 20 oranges (for reference, I’d average my sizes as medium), not bad for roughly 20 minutes worth of work this morning, minus a few interruptions to get the puppy out of the flower bed. *wink*
p3090015 p3090018 p3090020

Looks like grapefruits and lemons are next.

Oh, and another fun tip I’ve learned and tried with success is freezing excess juice into ice cubes. You can add these to recipes and drinks to enhance flavor or cool a drink without diluting it. It’s so easy and works great.


5 comments on “Spin Doctor

  1. That’s awesome, I was wondering how the juice for the kitchen aid worked! Looks very tasty! Wish I could have some right now!

  2. Gotta love those Kitchenaid attachments. I think we have a couple, but I have no idea where they are. I think my wife is hiding the attachments. She doesn’t like me touching her mixer.

    Iā€™m looking forward to trying out the pasta attachments sometime. šŸ˜‰

  3. You’re making me want to buy a juicer now. LOL!

    LOL – well it was sure worth it!!

  4. Fresh orange. Love it.

    Twitter: mikeleonen
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    The kids have asked me every day if I’ve made more yet! LOL

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