Every Good Thing

I’ve been hit lately with the recognition and importance of good things. I’ve always known that negative screams, it’s why we tend to notice it most, but the positive is always there waiting patiently and quietly to be found. Here’s some I found lurking amongst my “negatives” today:


Weeds: So they’re all over my backyard reminding me of how much work there is to do, but they personify determination and a free spirit and when they’re gone I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing a job has been done.


Stunted: These little flowers made it out of the ground, even blossomed but they’re only a few inches tall and the flowers are about the size of my thumbnail. What a reminder of how important nourishment is. It’s so easy to stunt ourselves and our growth, I wonder what I’m holding onto that I need to let go of and what things I need to be embracing more to nourish myself?


Bare: My new trees are budding but still look so bare, yet the promise that sings from those little budding leaves is amazing!


Too Late: I didn’t get some of my broccoli stocks cut before they began to flower, now I can’t eat them but boy they look pretty, big and strong. Maybe the late bloomer is stronger and prettier for the delay?


Influence: “Bloom where you’re planted” came to mind as I looked at these flowers planted side by side at the same time. I wonder what made one take off and the other not? Am I blooming?


Sideways Volunteer: First the picture is sideways, just like I feel somedays! Second this is a volunteer tree or shrub, it’s finding it’s way without any direct help or nourishment from me…..hmmmmmm


Unglued: Ug, this is the face of my pool cool deck, it’s literally coming unglued everywhere and chipping like crazy. I guess the upside is change is imminent and won’t it look nice and be appreciated when it’s redone?!


Dirty: Two pool steps, one got cleaned off when my son tested the water temperature this week, the next step remains neglected and dirty as the vacuum doesn’t climb stairs. I wonder what I’m neglecting because it’s a little harder to get to? The clean sure looks nice!


Cycles: Death is unavoidable, yet new growth is always there to replenish.


Singed: Some of these tomato plant leaves were singed by frost and cold, yet they didn’t let that stop their growth. There’s a lesson or two in there somewhere.


Clean Up: It’s too heavy to lift now, but it indicates progress don’t you think?

I think I’m really struck with the reality of how our perceptions paint our reality. I know so many people who find a blame or excuse for everything, including making good things look bad. But the reality is, there’s good in almost everything. You just have to look for it to see it. I hope I’m the kind of person that encourages good things with those that associate with me. I hope I’m a lifter and not a leaner, at least not all the time!

So what’s good in your life?


6 comments on “Every Good Thing

  1. I hate weeds. They can grow anywhere. Even on the sidewalk. How is that possible?

    How indeed?! They are persistent buggers too!

  2. That broccoli picture is so cool. I had no idea that’s what they look like if they keep growing.

    Kind of fun huh? The bees LOVE them!

  3. OH….I am a bit envious of your weeds! YEP…you heard it weeds. Right now we are covered in snow and 25 degrees was our high. Weeds would be wonderful! Remind me this in June okay???

    The pictures were wonderful, and you cheered up my heart with all the green!!
    Have a great day.

    Thanks so much! My mother shares your sentiments and I admit, I love enjoying green this time of year after so many in the snow. :)

  4. Just remember, it’s life imperfections — weeds, unglued pool deck…that remind us of the the true things that nurture our lives like survival— like the tomato plant leaves. There’s always a bump in the road to go over but you’ll make it. There’s always something to replace the old, even it is older and unglued. :)

    So true, so true!

  5. Oh I so want to start my vegetable gardens…we have one more freeze on the way though!!!! I am also waiting for someone to build me those raised beds!!! However….so thankful that tomatoes grow well in containers ;)…..did you read where the weeds in the front gardens have gotten the best of me and there will only be container gardens out there this year…..I have put down plastic sheeting and next payday it will be covered in lava rocks and the next payday I will embark on a container search frenzy 😉

    I so hear you! I continue to move my planting into smaller and more manageable areas too! Too bad we don’t have unlimited budgets to do it all at once eh? I’m very impatient when it comes to projects….LOL

  6. I gave you a lovely blog award. I know you probably don’t have time to do it but I thought I would direct others to your blog. :)

    You are SO sweet! Thank you!!

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