Getting Better

So much to do, so little time. Why does that always feel a prevalent theme? The last month has basically been a blur. The new year began with great energy, new projects, renewed focus and confidence. Today, one month has flown by, a lot has changed and I’m trying to regain my focus, balance and perspective. Change is the only constant. Things get better, other things come into view with a need to get better. And so it goes.

I started this post this morning and now nearly twelve hours later I’m getting back to it. That seems to sum up my computer time rather well lately. *snort* I’m so distracted now with achy muscles, fingers and back after an afternoon in the yard that all I can think of is a bubble bath before bed! It was wonderful to work outside though. The ground is perfect after all the rain, and the yard has been neglected for so long! We planted six fruit trees this past week, and I’m getting through my garden spots for spring planting. It’s so fun to have wonderful weather this time of year and to be able to see growth happening all the time.

I’m still trying to balance out some of my schedule and recent time demands. Things are slowly working back down to a simmer and I’m hopeful that a sense of normality will come soon. I’m looking forward to sleeping through the night again. Dexter came home this week and the first few nights have been like life with a newborn again, how quickly you forget. He sure is a cute little pup and everyone’s enjoying having him around.

So at the end of this day I can say things are getting better, and I’m slowly identifying and mapping out the things that still need to get better. Thank heaven the universe demands balance. *wink*


2 comments on “Getting Better

  1. I certainly do miss your insights and reading about what’s going on. Puppies are work! Glad things are getting better…. hope the things that need to improve will start soon for you!

    I’m missing me too! LOL :)

  2. Our baby is like a puppy too. He’s crawling and getting into trouble all the time now.

    Good thing they’re so cute right?!

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