Falling Behind: Drowning Style

Anyone watching the weather lately knows the southwest has been hit with a monster storm bringing a lot of rain, and wind. We actually had a tornado warning last night and reports of a few touching down in the valley. My home has been blessed to receive a more mild dose of this crazy storm. We’ve had the crazy winds, losing a few window screens but I didn’t lose any trees like some of my neighbors are reporting. I do have a lake in the back yard with more rain expected today:
So all this crazy flooding seems to fit my week’s personal events as well. Between health annoyances, crazy busy calendars, and new responsibilities displacing daily needs, I’m definitely feeling a little waterlogged. The good news is it’s Friday now and I’m feeling like I can now surface for a big gulp of air. The sun will come back and just like the ground will absorb and benefit from all this excess moisture – so will my mind, body and spirit from its current excess too.


5 comments on “Falling Behind: Drowning Style

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I added you to my favorites. :-)

    Schweet. :)

  2. I heard CA got most of our rain this winter. I didn’t know you got some of our rain too. Welcome to our world. I hope you dry up soon.

    Me thinks you can have some back. 😉

  3. I’ve missed you. I’m glad things are looking up. :)

    I’ve missed me too! LOL

  4. The weekend must be a welcome time for you to spend some quality time with your family. Hope you stay safe and dry!

    It really is – thanks so much for the thoughts! :)

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