Recent Family Fun

The tree is up:
Night treats and time together:
img_0326 img_0327 img_0310 img_0332
And a special treat of mini golf and a Cardinal’s game with Grandma & Grandpa:
img_0338 img_0340 img_0360 img_0371 img_0367


2 comments on “Recent Family Fun

  1. Looks like fun. Especially the Arizona game. I like Kurt. The guy no one wanted. Yet he won a Super Bowl.

    Grandma is a Vikings fan so she was bummed, even colored some purple in her hair for the game! But we had a blast. 😀

  2. Your tree is beautiful! And Krispy Kreme? Ain’t nothin’ better! :)

    Except when they’re hot off the conveyor belt….MMMMMMM

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