2009 Gingerbread Fun

It’s that time again! This year the kids decided to do a Santa’s Village for our annual gingerbread creation. My daughter requested that we do it when her grandma and grandpa were in town so they could do it with us. Here’s how it turned out:


The recipe and other years of gingerbread creations can be found here.

Here’s how it went down this year:

Wednesday afternoon I sat down to work out a pattern for the village. I’d decided to try a Santa’s Workshop, candy shoppe, sled and big Christmas tree for the village. I started with a blank piece of paper and some basic image ideas I scratched out.

pc020001 pc0200021

Then I moved into creating a pattern and taping it together for testing.

pc070002 pc070003 pc070004 pc020005

I made the dough on Wednesday night but couldn’t get to it to roll and bake until Thursday. The good news is that it required very little flour for the rolling process. The bad news is that it was really stiff and I had to work it a bit before I cold successfully roll it. Therefore, my *note to self* is to not leave it refrigerated in the future for more than the suggested hour. :)

Thursday was rolling, cutting and baking:

pc030012 pc030013 pc030014 pc030015

If working with straight edges is important, you’ll want to take a moment to trim the baked pattern pieces when they’re fresh out of the oven while they’re warm and pliable. I personally like the rounded edges and know they’re all going to be covered with frosting anyway so do all my cutting before baking.

Friday morning I glued the houses together with royal frosting and later that afternoon we went to decorating:

pc040016 pc040019 pc040020 pc040021 pc040022 pc040023 pc040024

Here’s a few more pictures of the finished results:

pc040028 pc040029 pc040030 pc040031 pc040034 pc040035 pc040036

It’s always a fun thing to do, but I’m glad it only comes around once a year. I’m ‘gingerbreaded’ out!


5 comments on “2009 Gingerbread Fun

  1. Wow, looks great. I didn’t know there was so much planning involved. I can see why the village turned out so pretty.

    Thanks! I’m a bit of a planner *snort*

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I am completely blown away. Very very beautiful and special.


    Thanks so much! It’s fun for all of us. :)

  3. That’s awesome!!! You guys are pretty amazing..

    Aww shucks, now you’ve gone and made me blush! 😉 Thanks!!

  4. Wow, those are amazing. I’ve never made one. The first time I saw one was when my brother made one in school. That was grade school…. he’s older than me. I’m thinking for my first one with the girls, I’ll buy one of those cheap kits. Not sure how they work. :) Gorgeous work, I would be glad it only came once a year as well if I had to do all that. I’m sure the kids enjoy it!

    They love it, my first one from scratch was 7th Grade home economics. I guess some things stand a chance of sticking eh? :)

  5. No wonder mine never turn out, I couldn’t design one of these to save my life! Remember in elementary school when you made “gingerbread” houses by gluing graham crackers to milk cartons so it would take on the milk carton’s house shape? Even that was almost too much planning for me :) I do love that someone out there makes beautiful gingerbread houses the right way – like a little ginger architect!
    Happy Holidays! Leanne

    Ginger architect…I love it. 😀

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