Signs of Growth

I really don’t need any signs to tell me my kids are growing, but as I reviewed some pictures this morning I couldn’t help but see the obvious signs staring back at me.

Barbie dolls used to be a favorite thing.
Now it’s all about making quilts.
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Plastic tool toys used to hold his interest for hours.
Now we’ve graduated to Legos and Erector sets.
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It’s amazing to watch. Cidnie has always had such of love for all things family oriented and always has. She’s always loved to play pretend house and other life skills role play games, and she still does. Her life is continually focused on what’s yet to come. She’s already talking about getting married and being a mom after she moves to Idaho for college (she’s not sure if she dares have roommates who may play tricks on her but her back up plan is to live with Grandma.) I write it that way because it’s exactly the way she thinks of it: describing the step of marriage and family first, yet adding at the end that it will be after college. It’s so Cid. I have to pinch myself that my little forward thinking girl is twelve when she talks so matter of fact like about her future. She wants to grow up so fast. I can’t see anything but a blur from her arrival to now and can’t imagine why she thinks it needs to go any faster! But she is the very embodiment of social butterfly and time is very different in her world. Social elements are her life, her focus, her love. It’s why her memory for these details are unparalleled. She never ceases to amaze me.

Then there’s my little Taylor. This kid has an engineer’s mind. His fascination with how things work and putting things together at this young age astound me. I love seeing him move freely between following instructions for building to designing his own creations. He can entertain himself for hours on end all while rotating through his toys thoroughly and without any help or direction from me. I’ve never seen the likes of it. He always shows such earnest for learning, like it’s water in the desert. He struggles with his desire for perfection and control, and yet I know it’s because he can see so clearly in his mind what he wants something to look like or how something is supposed to be. His little tongue works 24×7 when he’s in concentration mode, which is almost constantly! I used to think he’d wear his lower mouth out but it seems to have adjusted to the constant movement of that tongue. At seven he still comes up out of the blue to give me a hug and tell me how much he loves me.

Today is the last day of November. Life has changed so much over the years, but just for today I’m pausing to remember the blessings of my kids. November is a month of gratitude for me. Thanksgiving of course gives reason to ponder on our many blessings, and the National Adoption Awareness Month that accompanies November gives me even more reason. How grateful I am for my children, for their amazing birth parent families, for the privilege of being called “Mom.” I know how fast the time goes. I’m painfully aware of how much time has already slipped through my fingers with them, but nothing can take away my memories or the love we share. Time may pass, but love only grows.


3 comments on “Signs of Growth

  1. I feel very lucky to have kids too. I love them all — even the baby that stresses us out (he has four tests scheduled in the next two weeks). Sometimes I wish the kids could stay kids forever.

    Me too. Hope the little guy is out of stress zone soon!

  2. They may get older, but you’ll never leave their hearts. The older they get, the more you see your influence and you’ll see what you taught them (values, etc) coming out. Even though mine are still toddlers essentially, I see it in them everyday. I think that is more rewarding than anything else— even if I could keep them as little children, I don’t think I would.

    I know exactly what you’re describing! It is truly rewarding isn’t it??? :)

  3. My mom has the same quilt frames, which she inherited from her grandmother. I have the pattern around here to have someone cut out a set for me, but I never quite get around to it. Thanks for the reminder! She is making a really cute quilt. Good for her.

    It’s such a fun set isn’t it!

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