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Yummy Pork Salad

I love when things come together, especially after a day of the opposite happening. So I was tickled pink when last night I could pull of a truly successful dinner that was literally last minute. I’m not kidding about last and minute. It was 6:40, I’d just finished a project on the computer and no dinner started. I pulled out paper plates and threw the following together:

Baby spring salad mix
Baby spinach salad
Grated chedder cheese
Sliced mushrooms
Cooked, shredded pork
Fat free sun dried tomato dressing

It was splendid! It’s also very easy to customize with your favorite toppings or dressings. The key was already having the ingredients, especially the meat. Which brings me to the real purpose for this post.

Busy moms don’t have time to dilly dally in the kitchen or slave over Martha Stewart style dinners. This busy mom is always multitasking and thus needs all the help and tricks she can find to keep things moving smoothly. As a result, I’m a vigil simplifier. If there’s a way something can be simplified, I’ll find it. One of my favorite cooking and “mom chef” simplifications is using my slow cooker. Now before you go thinking I’ve put an entire recipe of multiple ingredients together for a scrumptious dinner, remember I’m a vigil simplifier and multitasker. We’re talking throw in a frozen roast before checking morning e-mail here. One of my favorites is pork loin roast with a small can of green chilies. After several hours it will start to break apart. This is the point when you can easily start shredding and pulling it apart with two forks. The meat can easily stretch through multiple meals all week long for my family of four. It seems that there’s always leftovers for quick lunches too. Here’s a few of my family’s favorite ways to make meals with the cooked meat:

Pork Tacos with corn salsa
BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
Cheesy tomato sauce with egg noodles and pork
Pork salad
Pork enchiladas
Pork and avocado sandwiches

All this comes from one pork roast thrown in a slow cooker with a small can of green chilies. There’s no prep time, no babysitting or slaving over a stove. Yet the results yield several “instant” meals later just by mixing and matching ingredients. A little BBQ sauce and you have a whole new venue, same with spaghetti sauce, and of course you can always leave it totally plain like in the tacos or on a salad.

Other things I’ve tried with success is throwing in a seasoning packet with a roast, like Lipton’s onion soup mix, etc. For a Sunday roast I’ll take the time to cut some veggies to cook with the roast, but during the week it’s a simple soup mix or more often a can of chilies, etc. The point is that once the meat is cooked you can stretch it so many ways with success and less stress.


5 comments on “Last Minute Dinner Solutions

  1. We’re going to have to try that salad. I have a pork recipe for you. It’s really good, and quick. There is a long way to do it, but I’ll give you the short way.

    Cut up some pork into small bite sized cubes. Throw them in a big pan on the stove with some olive oil and 2tbs of Asian Sesame dressing and cook until done. While they are cooking, microwave rice until almost finished, and fry up a few eggs. When the pork is done, mix in some frozen green beans (recipe calls for peas but my husband doesn’t eat those. I like to buy the kid you steam in the bag and microwave them unil almost complete.) Mix all your cooked things with the pork– the rice, the eggs and the peas. Then pour in another cup of asian sesame dressing. Let it heat up again and you’re done. My husband is not a pork eater. Not even a little bit but he’ll eat this and my kids love it. Mostly microwaveable stuff too. :)

    Nice recipe! Thanks for the share. :)

  2. I’m great at last minute dinners too, but my secret involves ramen noodles.

    Hee, hee – those get quite a bit of mileage at my house too!

  3. Add some sea salt and hickory smoke flavoring to a pork butt/shoulder roast in the crock pot and voila… Kālua Pig!

    Schweet. :)

  4. That looks great! I’m not very good with impromptu recipes. :-)


  5. You should update… this post makes me hungry everytime i come around. 😉

    Hee hee, its the truth!! :)

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