Halloween Part II

November is already here. I can’t believe it. Here’s the second installment of Halloween fun at our house.

We carved some pumpkins on Monday night and a few more on Saturday:
pa270011 pa270013 pa270016 pa310011
I need to point out that this year Taylor was completely independent on drawing on and cutting out his pumpkin faces. He still requested help gutting the pumpkin as that totally grosses this kid out! But he sure had fun doing the rest himself. In fact, the next day I found he’d cut two eyes into another pumpkin all by himself. Not surprising, he’d done nothing more than cut the eyes out! He also made me put a big eye face on the mini pumpkin I put in the big mean pumpkin’s mouth. I wanted to put “x’s” on it but he said that was too mean and this little pumpkin had to show that it was going to escape. He’s got heart, that kid.

Taylor had a class party on Friday. His sister’s class are their reading buddies and they came down to decorate pumpkins with them. He opted to be a pirate for the school day because it was easier to put on and met the guidelines with no masks or makeup. He’s still a wickedly cute little pirate says I.
pa300009 pa300010_2
pa300052 pa300032

And here’s how the costumes turned out. This one is Cidnie’s, I created the pattern and used $1.50/yd clearance fabric at Walmart. I was pretty happy with the $6.00 investment for her entire costume!
pa280019 pa300007 pa310003

Tay was most patient getting his face painted. It went better and faster than I’d hoped! Although I sure had a hard time finding him in the dark without seeing that platinum blond hair and pale skin!!
pa300006 pa310010 pa310008

Mother Confessor meets Darth Maul:

We had a fun time Halloween night visiting with friends and neighbors while eating and handing out candy. The kids had a ball playing with friends and collecting bags full of treats. All in all, a most successful Halloween!


4 comments on “Halloween Part II

  1. Great costumes! I wish we could sew. That would give us better options than the store bought ones.

    Thanks! Makes me glad to have a few rainy day skills and tools in the closet. 😀

  2. The costumes (and that face paint!) are awesome!

    I love the picture of you with Taylor. That is sweetness.

    Thanks much!

  3. Wow! That face painting turned out awesome! They both look so great! And I totally agree with Taylor, the stuff inside pumpkins grosses me out, too.


  4. Wow those costumes are amazing! I love the face painting. Was wondering where you found the pattern for the mother confessor costume? I love that show and would love to find it to make my own confessor dress! lol

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