It Sneaks Up on You

The passing of time really does sneak up on you. I was looking through pictures this morning and couldn’t help but see the serious growth in my kids just since these were taken when we moved into our new home only 3.5 years ago.

This is our fourth fall in this home. It doesn’t seem possible when it still feels like only a year ago at most. Yet here the calendar and pictures are telling me that what it feels like and what it is are not the same thing. Time really does sneak up on you when you.


One comment on “It Sneaks Up on You

  1. It’s the opposite for me. We’ve been in our house for almost 12 years and it seems like forever. But I do agree with how fast time passes — especially when you look at cute photos of your kids.

    Must be all those painting and home improvement projects….LOL :)

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