Crossing Paths

This morning I sat down to my computer and found a welcome surprise; a note in my inbox indicating to me that something simple I shared here helped someone else.

I don’t know you from anyone and neither you me, but I just wanted to say we have a common friend, Jesus, who knew I needed some info on hooking my RO system to my fridge and led me right to your blog. Can I just say I’ve be looking online for hours trying to figure this out. So funny how posting something like that can help a total stranger in CA.

“I really needed that picture of that fitting on your fridge! I was also getting concerned with the info on presure and volumn I found online. I was thinking I might need a pump and other stuff but between turnign off the ice maker when I use a lot of RO water and the 1/2 line I should be just fine. Also awesome to know about the filter in the fridge. Mine is the same I just didn’t know it would work without one installed. (I’ll double check the manuel first since I have a Kenmore).

“Lastly I thought I’d share something in return. Down the road if you ever notice a change in the taste of your fridge water, it might be due to that brass fitting. RO water being so pure is “hungry” and can easily leach metal from fittings like that. The RO manufactures all recommend a poly (plastic) type fitting for that reason. It sounded like it would take some time so since yours is 2 years old it obviously takes more then that.

“I don’t know that I’ll be back but blessings just the same! and thanks for the detailed post!

I wish Ally could know how much it meant to me that she’d take the time to leave me these thoughts and let me know that our paths crossed. It seemed so trivial at the time I posted it, so off the mark of much of what I share here that I had really questioned that post. Now I know if for no other reason, the Lord knew why.

I did actually come back and reference this post myself a few weeks ago when we thought the ice maker was acting up again so I guess you never really know do you? It tells me I should be a bit more vigilant about these “little” things.

I am convinced that we are the messengers in the Lord’s hands. He doesn’t often send us choirs of angels when we call, He sends us one another. How happy I am this morning to know that I crossed paths with a stranger, now friend in CA. Ally, I hope you’re having a wonderful day – you sure made mine.


2 comments on “Crossing Paths

  1. Cool. That’s one of the reasons I post about stuff that most of my readers find boring. I figure someone out there might find it useful.

    So true!! You just never know.

  2. Hey Holly,

    I have a really weird questions for you in regards to Young Womens. Can you email me? I don’t have your email address. Thanks! Elaine

    Done. :)

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