Where’d The Summer Go?

So I’m sitting here wondering where the summer went. I feel like we’ve crammed two months worth of activities into July alone. Several times last week I went to the calendar thinking it was already August as a result.

We left town right as school got out this year for the kids. We brought home some cousins to stay with us after that trip and then we drove back a second time to Idaho. We had one more trip to Las Vegas for a family event the 3rd weekend in July. Now I’m sitting here with the vacation and traveling done, looking at the calendar and realizing my kids start school in 14 days and feeling rather dazed.

So naturally, I redirect my thoughts to all the future things I want to get done, etc.! Before I know it the weather will be great again and I’ll be balancing my time with outside yard and garden time. There’s so much I want to do.

I’m also finding myself longing to get back into some projects that I can wrap up. My photo project is moving back up to the front of the list. I want to get all my backups organized, tagged, etc. and I want copies of all my new digital photos to have paper copies in the photo books too.

I’ve recently thrown baking into my hobby list of things I want to improve on. I baked my first loaf of homemade bread last week. I’ve made a lot of things from scratch, but bread was always more intimidating to me and it’d always been so much easier to pick up a loaf when shopping at the store. It was much easier than I was expecting and it’s been received extremely well. I’m getting ready to branch out into specialty and dessert breads.

Before I know it I’ll be celebrating kid’s birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time flies.


4 comments on “Where’d The Summer Go?

  1. My youngest went back to school this morning after a three week break. Gotta love that year-round schedule–NOT!

    No kidding! I live for summer break!

  2. Luckily for us, school is still about 6 weeks a way. I could do without the hot weather. We got our first 100+ degree day. There’s a good chance the next four days will in the 100’s. That’s too many hot days for our area. I’m melting.

    I feel for you, we’re melting too!

  3. I don’t think I’ve printed out a picture since Girlie Girl’s 1st birthday! Talk about being behind. LOL!

    It happens so fast eh?

  4. Time flies because you’re having so much fun, right?

    Is that what this is? *grin*

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