Sweet Success

Tonight brought a happy surprise. My daughter has been begging me for quite a while to make her favorite dessert. It’s a miniature chocolate raspberry torte from one of her favorite dinner places, P.F. Changs. We bought some shot glasses and mini spoons shortly after the restaurant started offering their individual sized desserts. We’ve had fun doing various types at home, but to date I haven’t done her beloved chocolate with raspberry sauce. So tonight I decided to tackle it for her. I was going to make devil’s food chocolate cake but when I did a search online I found a copycat recipe for the Chang’s version so I used that. The flourless chocolate cake was dreamy and super easy too. My happy addition was finding that my apple corer worked perfectly for gathering up small circle sizes of the cake to fit the shot glasses.

I decided as long as I was going to do the dessert I’d see if I could make my favorite dinner dish from there too, Mongolian Beef. I was so tickled at how well it turned out! It was worth sharing, especially for bookmarking the recipe for later! I even snapped a photo of the leftover dish and it turned out pretty good too! Yay for sweet success.



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  1. This sounds a lot like my korean bulgogi recipe without the cornstarch. I have bookmarked it ~ it sounds delicious!!!

    Did you get my e-mail? :)

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