Meet In the Middle

Traveling requires a lot of compromise. Convenience, time and cost are the major players and sometimes they’re not always on the same side. With two trips to Idaho this summer for various family events we knew we’d have to buck up and take the hit in the convenience department to make both happen. No amount of pulling for that private or charter jet could counter the bank account’s argument that the cost of gas versus airline tickets was a landslide. On the upside, I don’t mind driving and enjoy having time to visit with Blake. However, 64 hours of it in a month’s time is a little extreme. So on our last drive home we stopped over in Las Vegas to spend the night with Grandma. This is the first time we’ve been over the Hoover Dam in a couple years and the progress they’ve made on the new freeway through there is amazing! I only wish these pictures could do justice to the instant queasy feeling in your stomach you get when you see it in person. That gorge is a LONG way down!

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As you can see from the pictures, the supporting arch is nearly complete. The road will continue where the side connection towers show. It is an amazing engineering feat in my mind.

Another sad but interesting tidbit is how much the water level has dropped. When I was first married our trips over the dam were very different. There was water in all the white areas of these photos. the water line used to come right up under the time towers. We’ve watched it drop ever since.

p7060172 p7060176

My kids were greatly intrigued with the dam on this trip. Taylor recognized many of the buildings and structures from the movie Transformers and kept himself occupied trying to figure out where they were all placed. Cidnie started to comprehend the enormity of the dam and the value of resources like water. It’s fun to watch your kids grow.

I’m still not sure I’m going to have the guts to drive over the dam when the road is finished. I suspect it will feel a lot like the uneasiness I experienced about half way over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 17.6 miles of bridge-tunnel is a very long way. I’m not sure how high this new archway and road over the dam is, I just know craning my neck to look up at it makes my stomach churn.


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  1. The arch looks cool. They’re planning on a building a new bridge between Oregon and Washington over here. It’s still in the planning stage and there’s already a lot of opinions on how many lanes and how pretty the bridge should be.

    I’m totally amazed by this kind of engineering.

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