Mom I Did It!!

Our second trip to Idaho was so packed with events, I’m still trying to sort through the pictures and remember all we did. This one however was a real keeper.


Granted, the fish is small, but it was Taylor’s first fishing experience and he was the only one who caught one! He was SO delighted! Clearly dad wasn’t sad either…*snort*

I have to preface this with the story of how Taylor has had two big “to do” items on his list of wishes lately. One was to go bowling (for real, not just the Wii) and two was to go fishing. Last month, his dad surprised him one night with a bowling trip. I wish we’d had a camera for his song and dance of joy. After he squealed delight and danced around for several minutes he stopped suddenly and said, “What about fishing?”

So this fishing trip has been a long time coming. The best part was that his very first time was a success! He was so proud.


2 comments on “Mom I Did It!!

  1. Cool! Your son caught a fish. We got a Wii too. I’m hoping to take the kids out to the tennis court this summer, but so far they rather play Wii tennis.

    Definitely indoor sports for us for a while now…stupid heat advisory…LOL

  2. Hey there! Too funny, our son has also discovered fishing. The smile on his face when he recently caught his first bass was just priceless. I’m pleased to only have to deal with the photos and not the bait, cast, reel’em in process.

    Mmmm fish’n worms! LOL Those smiles are truly priceless! So great to hear from you.

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