Becoming Mom

p5140002I used to dream of what it would be like to have a daughter big enough to do fun girl things with. For a time I cried myself to sleep wondering if it would ever happen and worrying that it wouldn’t. When we began the adoption process I worried about all the unknowns, what our future child might look like. Would she be cute? Petite? Fun? Would she look like me?

Eleven and a half years later, I smile every time I look at and think about my daughter. She’s been a wonderful daddy’s little girl, and as she grows I see more and more fun times ahead for the two of us. She’s helping learn to love shopping with her, reminding me of how much fun it is to be silly and carefree and teaching me how to look at the world through eyes with no guile.

I find myself as excited now as I was when she was placed in my arms. There’s so much out there to experience together. Who knew that such a tiny bundle could bring so much joy and fulfillment? The only sad thing is knowing that this time will pass just as quickly as those baby and toddler years. Before I know it I’ll be looking back wondering how she can already be so big. But just for today I’m going to bask in the glow of a loving daughter who wants to be with me.


4 comments on “Becoming Mom

  1. HoLLY — i Love AbsoluTELY Love how yoU puT thINGS ! It CouLDN’T Be any MORE pERFEcT !
    ThaNK YOu for Your Share 😉

    Awww thanks!

  2. My oldest turned nine a week ago and I was thinking her childhood is half over. How did that happen?

    How indeed!

  3. You are so right to just enjoy! Those memories stay forever, and she will always be your little girl, just as you are mine! Love you!

    *sniff* Love you too!

  4. Oh I miss this!!! My daughter is 14 now and would rather read a good book than go shopping with Mom ~ well at least it’s a book and not a boy 😉

    Thank heaven for little things eh?!

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